Is The Roast Game A Plausible Explanation?

On a quora discussion forum thread, where the question asks “Is cannibalism illegal?” I answered the question being one of or if not, the most specific answer anyone can ever come up with.

My response was “Cannibalism is not illegal in the U.S.A. (except in Idaho, which I said it’s not illegal loosely, not a contradiction necessarily) Murder and Cannibalism are two separate things, that can happen at the same time.

I do not recommend anyone to take any of these actions, because it’s disgustingly reprehensible (at least only murder, which is illegal) because Cannibalism is neither heroic or villainous.

Even when murder and the desecration of a human corpse is illegal, that doesn’t mean that hypothetically, people won’t get away with it (privately). As long as you are not the member of the family that partakes in the “murder”, eating human meat in the same situation is not illegal. It doesn’t mean that you have to kill someone for food, you can ask for hospitals to surgically remove some tiny piece of your butt meat off, just so you can find out what it tastes like, or someone can give you their amputated foot like in one example.

People only get caught doing murder and cannibalism, if they make their actions public, not private (in the home, where no one can hear you scream, and no one can really smell it from even the house right next to the other).

There are ways that people get away with murder, with very specific tactics. Like not moving or attempting to directly bury the child. Leaving the body to decompose through the subfloor, and leaving blood stains behind for someone like me to see.

Homes are personally owned property, so only the authorities or owners of said “house” has privacy to hypothetically, commit this act.

Let’s say, a family member, let’s say a parent, slaughters a child for “not believing in Christmas” and he or she gets away with it (this may or may not be a “thought crime” depending on how butthurt you get by reading this).

And let’s say for the sake of argument, that this said act, is more common than you think. I wouldn’t be wrong to be remotely curious, and ask “If this is what happened in the past and it’s more common than you think, how would this ever be a cover up?”

The calories don’t add up for Turkey, Ham, Chicken, or Roast Beef. I made multiple videos demonstrating this. I even have a website solely dedicated to this topic alone. For those who are reading, here’s a link!


Furthermore, back in 2017 on a website called, I came up with this convincing hypothetical:

I only had 2 legitimate debates, other than that, the drama from all this was an absolute hell on earth.

So as you may tell with the title of this article, the answer is yes. But I may warn others when reading it by telling them that these details may be too much for those with weak stomachs.

A furry on the internet who has built a name for himself by any means necessary.

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